Wild boar is among the common mammals found in Nepal. They are found in the various protected area of Nepal.

Due to massive hunting outside the natural rage especially for the meat, there are not found outside the protected area.

Wild Boar Nepal

Wild boar is shy in nature and tries to avoid being seen. Further, their nocturnal nature makes their sight extremely rare during the day.

Wild boar is among the protected species of Nepal. Hence, hunting except the permit is illegal acts.

Wild Boar Hunting

The hunting permission for the wild boar is given to the Nepal sole hunting reserve called Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve. It is located in the higher elevation area.


Wild boars commonly live in the group with the member ranges from 6 to 30 individuals. Male are mostly solitary except during the breeding season.

Gestation Period

The gestation period of wild boar is around 115 days. This is the period between conception and fertilization.


Wild boar is omnivorous which predominately feeds on the leaves, seed, fruits, snakes, worms, lizard, and others.

Life Span

The lifespan of the wild boar is expected to be around ten to fourteen years. The Captive species longer than wild, which is found to be more than 20 years of age.


Tusks are the defensive weapon of the wild boar. Tusks in the male are longer and curved in compared to female.


The weight of the wild boar can attend up to 136 kilograms upon maturity.

Natural Predators

Natural predators of the wild boar are mainly the big cats like the Tiger, Common Leopard, Clouded Leopard, and Snow leopard. Similarly Bear, Wild Dog, Hyena, and others also prey on wild boar.


Wild boar can survive in various habitat ranges like the grassland, forest, and others.


Wild boars are the notorious pests especially the farmers thriving in around the buffer zone. They are frequently found to be invading the farmer’s field and consuming the crops.

This the prime reason for the conflict of the wild boar on the buffer zone.


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