The Terai is the low lying area located in the southern part of Nepal. Due to the low lying area, Terai is one of the fertile planes.

Terai of Nepal comprises around seventeen percent of the land area. Teri is one of the densely populated regions of Nepal.

Majority of the rice production takes place in this region. Rice is the staple food of the Nepali.

Terai Nepal
Terai Nepal

The Terai region of Nepal forms the border with India. The population of the Terai region is primarily immigrants from the India and hilly region of Nepal.

Before the eradication of the Malaria Terai use to be the hostile place to thieve. The ethnic tribe with the malaria Resistance Gene use to thieve in Terai.

The presence of the Sickle Cell Red Blood Cell in the ethnic tribe like Tharu aids in the survival in Terai Region. Sickle Red blood cell refers to the elongated red blood cell instead of regular biconcave shape. 

Terai Region of Nepal stretches from the Mechi River to the east to the Mahakali River in the west.

Protected Area

The Terai Region of Nepal holds several protected areas. The protected area holds the population of the several endangered species.

The protected area lying in the low lying area is Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, Chitwan National Park, Shuklaphanta National Park, Parsa National Park, Bardiya National Park, Banke National Park, and Blackbuck Conservation area.

Altitudinal Range

The altitudinal range of the Terai is estimated to be 67 to 300 meters above sea level.

Outer and Inner Terai

The inner Terai refers to the fat land, which can locate between the Siwalik and Mahabharat Range of Nepal. Inner Terai is also known as the “Duns”. Some of the interesting places of Inner Terai are Bharatpur, Triyuga, Tulsipur, and others.

The outer Terai refers to the flat land at the south of the Siwalik range. Some of the interesting places of outer Terai is Janakpur, Ithari, Lahan, Butwal, Kankai, and others.

District In Terai

Terai region has 12 districts.

Major Crops

The major crops found in the Terai region are Sugarcane, Rice, Tobacco, Maize, Paddy, Wheat, Pulses and others.

Mahendra Highway

Mahindra highway with the Length of the 1,027.67 meters touches all the district of Nepal.


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