Teej is one of the supreme festivals of Hindu women of Nepal. It is also celebrated in some parts of the world where the Nepal speaking Hindu thrive.

The red color clothes, ornaments, eating, fasting, and dancing mark the festival.

Although there is the religious reason behind the celebration of the Teej. Nowadays there are various abnormalities in the celebration.

Teej Festivals


The Teej occurs one month before the Nepalese largest festival, which is Dashain.

Religious Significance

The Spouse of the supreme lord Shiva fasts to please Lord Shiva. This is to mimic the goddess acts to obtain the loyal husband.

Due to this Hindu girl fasts to get the amenable husband. The married women fasts for the long life of their husband.

Days in Teej

Teej is generally complete in three days. But, majority complete Teej in two days.

Day First

This day is marked by massive consumption of the feasts. This is popularly known as the “Dar Khane Din” In Nepali. Singing and dancing is the vital part of Teej. 

This is to prepare the body for fasting for the next day. Various food items are consumed until the midnight of the day.

Day Second

The rigorous fasting marks this day. Some even abstain the consumption of water while the other individual eats fruits and drink water.

Worship in the nearby Temple of Lord Shiva is done. The Supreme temple of the Nepal Pashupatinath receives humongous traffic in this day.

Predominate Nepalese women end Teej by consumption of the food during the night of the day second.

Third Day

This day is marked by the tribute to the seven sages.


Some of the wells noticed drawbacks of Teej.

One Month Long Teej

Although Teej is celebrated in a few days. Nowadays the party for the Teej starts more than one month from the Teej.

Expensive Clothes and Ornaments

Teej is becoming the place to show the expensive clothes and ornaments. This is creating the financial burden, especially for the low-income household.

Health Hazard       

Massive consumption of the food high in the fat, salt, sugar and condiments for several days poses the health hazard.

Display of Wealth

Teej is becoming the site for the display of wealth. This needs to be checked in no time.

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