Satasidham Temple is one of the famous temples located in the eastern part of Nepal. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

This place is the most neglected touristic place by the concerned authorities. The rough road from the Mahindra highway to access the temple is the prime cause of the lethargic development to this temple.

Satasidham Temple Nepal
Satasidham Temple Nepal

The recent renovation of the temple has made it more attractive and appealing to the devotee.

Basic accommodation facilities are available in the route.


The temple is located beneath the Siwalik range at around seven kilometers north to Mahindra Highway. It lies in the Shivasatakshi Municipality Nepal.

Satasidham Waterfall

Satasidham waterfall is located in the western part of the temple. The majestic waterfall is the prime reason for the immense attention towards the temple.

The outlet of the waterfall gives rise to the river at the low elevation range.

Elevation Rage

It is located in the Terai of Nepal and has low elevation rage. The elevation rage of the Satasidham temple is estimated to be around 200 meters above sea level.

Best Time to Travel

Being located in the low elevation area it can be traveled through the year. Traveling during the peak monsoon season especially towards the waterfall is not advised.

The passageway to the temple occasionally suffers from erosion. 

Traveling in the monsoon season exposes to the dazzling heat, which can cause uncomfortable to various individuals.

How to Access

The regular flight from Kathmandu to Bhadrapur is available. From Bhadrapur it takes around one hour of the drive towards the Satasidham temple.

Regular bus service is available from Kathmandu to Kakarbhitta and Bhadrapur. It is essential to stop at the Jhiljhile station and take next drive towards North.

Bol Bom

This place is the famous destination during the Bol Bom festival.

During the Bol Bom offering to Lord Shiva is done during Monday of Nepali Month “Shrawan”.

This festival falls in the month of August. This the prime monsoon season of Nepal.

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