Pancha Pokhari Nepal is one of the highly praised destinies of Nepal.

The Nepali word Pacha Pokhari refers to five lakes in English.

This cluster of freshwater lakes is often credited for being ninth higher altitude wetland of Nepal.

Pancha Pokhari Nepal
Pancha Pokhari Nepal

Holy Lake

The holy lake is the popular pilgrimage site for the one following Hindu as well as Buddhist regions. During the Hindu festival “Janai Purnima” these lakes receive the significant number of pilgrimage.


It is located in the Sindupalchowk district, Bhotang Nepal. This is situated in the North of the Kathmandu valley. It lies in the Langtang National Park.


Pancha Pokhari is located in the elevation of the 4, 100 meters above sea level.

Panch Pokhari Distance from Kathmandu

The Distance of Panch Pokhari to Kathmandu is estimated to be 83.8 kilometers.


The Pancha Pokhara trekking is one of the most enjoyed trekking destiny by both the national as well as international tourist. This is due to the proximity to Nepal capital followed by unspoiled natural beauty.

It lies within the North part of the Kathmandu valley. Visiting the Lake offers the unique view of the Jugal Himal. The natural cave, Rhododendron forest, waterfalls, gorges can be seen during the visit.

Unique cultural experience of tribes like Sherpa and Tamang thriving in the route can be experienced.

The maximum altitude attend during the trekking is 4,500 meter above sea level.

The difficulty of the trekking is estimated to be around moderate to Strenuous.

Outdoor Camping is done due to remoteness nature.


The trekking of the Pancha Pokhari generally takes around two weeks. The trekking starts as the Chautara and ends at the Melamchi. The Chutrara can be accessed by the short drive from Kathmandu.

From Chautara to Phusre, from Phurse to Kami Khara, From Kami Kharka to Pauwa Bas, From Pauwa Bas to Hille Bhanjyang (3400) from HIlle Bhanjuang to Nasim Pati (3700), from Nasim Pati to Panch Pokhari, From Panch Pokhari to Nasimpati, From Nasimpati to Dukang, From Dukang to Melamchi

Ideal Season

The ideal season to travel Pancha Pokhari is March, April, May, September, October, November, and December.


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