Nepal was and is among the remote country due to the abundant Himalayan range. Himalayan rage caused massive difficulty in mobility due to rough terrain.

Nepal has a long tumultuous history, which is partially influenced by the two neighbors China and India.

It is also the sole country in the world, which has not been enslaved by the mighty British Empire at any time in history.

Nepal History Concise and Lucid

Origin of Nepal Word

The origin of the Nepal word can be traced to the long-standing Hinduism. In Sanskrit, Nepalaya means the foot of the mountain. The world Nepal might have originated from this.

All the primordial text of the Hindu are in the Sanskrit.

Although various scholars speculate the origin of the word according to there own ways.


Cowherd, Buffalo Herd Dynasty

The Cowherd family used to rule Nepal, which is followed by the buffalo herder dynasty. The cowherd, buffalo heard rule in Nepal is hazy due to scant evidence.


Kirat uses to rule Nepal from around two thousand and twenty-five thousand years from Now.

Kirat is claimed to have been migrated from Northern part of Nepal.


Licchavi, which are considered to be migrated from the southern part of Nepal, overthought the Kirat and rule Nepal.


Simroun dynasty rules Nepal from 1097 CE. The removal of the simroun takes at 1324 CE.


Thakuri rule Nepal from 1150 CE to 876 CE.


Malla starts to rule Nepal in the twenty century to the eighteenth century. This is the longest dynasty to sustain in the power.


Shah dynasty in Nepal starts in 1559. Shah is descendant of Muslim. Shah dynasty got abolish in the year 2008 by the elected official.

Rana Rule   

Rana rule stat in the year 1885 and cessation in 1951. Rana rule is marked by the ban in education intuition and massive taxation.

The Rana ruler used to take the ten percent cut from the government taxes. This is the reason why some Rana is still wealthy now a day.

Nepalese Civil War

The civil war of Nepal starts in the year 1997 and cessation in the year 2007.

Federal Republic

Nepal is declared the federal republic in the year 2008, leading to the abolishment of the Shah dynasty. In 2015 new constitution has emerged.

Modern Nepal has seven states with their own capital.

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