The capital of the republic Nepal is Kathmandu. It is one of the sole largest metropolises of Nepal.

Kathmandu enjoys the salubrious climate, which is the prime reason for the high population density in Kathmandu.

Nepal Capital

It is placed in the province 3. The area of the capital is estimated to be around 49.45 square kilometers.

Kathmandu is ranked as one of the popular destinations for the tourist around the globe.

The sole international airport is located in the Kathmandu valley, which is the reason for the immense tourist traffic in the Kathmandu valley.

Snow Capped Mountain

At the northern side of the Kathmandu valley, the snow-capped mountain is visible during the winter season.

Ganesh and Langtang Mountain can be seen from the Kathmandu valley.


Being the capital of the Nepal Kathmandu valley has the most prolific infrastructure compared to another region.


Kathmandu value is located at the elevation of around 1,400 meters above the sea level. This is the reason for the salubrious climate in the Kathmandu valley.

World Heritage Site

The Nepal capital holds the seven-heritage site. They are Pashupatinath, Changu Narayan, Swambhunah, Baudhanath, Durbar Squares of Bhaktapur, Patan, and Hanuman Dhoka.


Kathmandu value has eight rivers running in the different location. The holiest one is the Bagmati River which flows adjoin the Pashupatinath temple. In spite of the massive cleaning campaign, the water is highly polluted.

Other rivers are Tukucha Khola, Hanumante Khola, Manohara Khola, Dhobi Khola, and Bishnumati.

Due to the massive pollution in the river in the Kathmandu valley, the river mimics the sewage channel.


Kathmandu valley is one of the polluted cities around the globe. The air pollution, water pollution, sewage pollution and other are sever in the Kathmandu valley.

The massive foul smelling gas liberated by the waste site marks the severity. This effect gets intensifies during the dry season, especially in March and April.

The lump of the solid waste around the valley drastically decreases the aesthetic value of the person.

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