Namche Bazaar is the gateway to the Everest Region. This is one of the highly noticed place of Nepal, especially by mountaineers.

Namche Bazaar used to be the capital of the Khumbu. The prosperous Namche lies at the slope of the arch-shape mountain.

Namche Bazaar Nepal
Namche Bazaar Nepal

It is one of the prosperous towns due to immense tourist traffic receive on the daily basis.

Various essential materials for the trekking, Tibetan artifacts can be found in this region.

Namche also serves as the majestic place for the acclimatize of the visitors.

A weekly market is held on the Saturday morning of every week.


Despite being remote there is the electricity supply available in Namche Bazar. The electricity is generated by the nearby hydropower.

Namche Bazaar Height

The elevation range of the Namche Bazaar is estimated to be 3,500 meters.

Ethnic Tribe

The Sherpa are the predominant ethnic tribe thriving in the region.


It lies in the province 1 which is located in the Northeastern part of Nepal.

How to Reach Namche Bazaar.

Lukla airport often coined as the Tenzing-Hillary Airport is the gateway to the Namche Bazar. It takes around the forty minutes flight from Kathmandu. This is located thirteen kilometers south of the Namche Bazaar.


Being located in the high elevation Namche Bazaar has the alpine climate. The average temperature can go below eight-degree centigrade during January.

igher temperate can be up to eight-degree centigrade during the month of the July and August.

Hotel of Namche Bazar

There are ample amount of the hotels in the Namche Bazar. The price of the hotel greatly varies.

Namche Bazaar Trek

Namche Bazaar trek is one of the widely sought amusing activities. This can be great for the one wishing to have the luxury travel.

The trekking offers the view of the Mount Everest and Sherpa Culture. It takes around a week for Namche Bazaar Trekking.

Best Time

The ideal time to travel Namche bazar is February, March, April, September, October, November and December.


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