Jagdishpur reservoir is one of the pristine lakes included in the Ramsar site of Nepal.

It is considered the largest reservoir in the country. It was primarily constructed for irrigation purposes.

The inlet and outlet of the river is the Banganga river.

Jagdishpur Reservoir Nepal
Jagdishpur Reservoir Nepal

Year of Construction

The year of the construction of the Jagdishpur reservoir is the 1970s.


Jagdishpur reservoir lies in the southwestern part of Nepal in the Kapilvastu District Nepal.

Average Depth

The average depth of the Jagdishpur reservoirs varies with the season. During the monsoon season, the depth goes high up to seven meters.

Whereas during the winter season the average depth becomes merely two meters.

Surface Area

The Surface area covered by the reservoir is estimated to be 225 hectors.

Elevation Range

It is located in the low elevation area and has an altitude of 197 square kilometers above sea level.


The Jagdishpur reservoir is paradise for the wetland birds. The recorded number of bird species found to be 167.

It is estimated that around six mammals species are found in this reservoir, 8 species of amphibians, 38 species of reptiles, and 18 species of fish have been found in this reservoir.

Ideal Time To Travel

Jagdishpur reservoir is located in the low elevation area, which can be travel during all time of the year.

Traveling during monsoon season is not advised as there is the risk of flash flood, dazzling heat during the monsoon season.

How to Access

Jagdishpur reservoir is 310 kilometers away from the Kathmandu city.

The Jagdishpur reservoir lies in proximity to Lumbini, which can be accessed, from both the air as well as by bus from Kathmandu.

The distance from Lumbini to Jagdishpur Reservoir is 54 kilometer, which can be easily accessed by the road.

Threats to the Reservoirs

There are some threats to the reservoir. Illegal hunting, pollution in water bodies, eutrophication due to agricultural runoff, overfishing and other are some of the threats of the reservoir.


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