Common leopard is one among the four big cats found in Nepal. They are highly adaptable and are also found outside the protected area.

Common leopard is among the one among the three species of the leopard found in Nepal. The rest is the Snow leopard and Clouded Leopard.

Common Leopard Nepal
Common Leopard Nepal

They are mostly nocturnal which remains active during the night and are expert climbers. It spends predominate time in the tree.

Common leopard avoids the place where tiger thrive.

Life Span

The lifespan of the common leopard is estimated to be around 12 to 17 years of age.

Gestation Period

The gestation period of the common leopard is from 90 to 105 days.


Being the carnivorous common leopard hunts in various herbivorous species. The common species hunted are Deer, Wild boar, and others.


The common leopard population is disturbed in the low lying area or Terai to high hills.

Average Weight

The Average weight of the Male common leopard can be up to 70 kilograms. MaleĀ is heavier than female.


Based on the IUCN report published in the year 2012 the population of leopard is estimated to be around one thousand.

Due to lack of adequate funding and trained manpower information on the common leopard number are lacking.

Despite the recurring incidents of the common leopard attack its population is considered to be steady declining by the pundits in wildlife management.

Cause of Decline

The prime cause of the decline of the common leopard population is due to the loss of the habitat due to anthropogenic activities.

Massive hunting of the common leopard for the skin and bone is also the cause of the steep decline in the population of the common leopard.

Retaliation killing of the leopard due to the hunting of the domestic animals and human beings are also the cause of decline.

Where to Find

Due to the highly elusive nature finding the common leopard in the natural environment is extremely challenging.

Any trained guide around the protected area can locate the common leopard in the natural habitat.


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